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The Maui Inline Hockey Association is dedicated to the building of youth and adult hockey on Maui. The MIHA program is an alcohol, tobacco and drug free environment. For General Information about the rink please email

This is the first time for MIHA to be running registration online, without the need for paper forms and cash/check being accepted at the pro-shop. The link for registration is here​ or the image above.

Fall Season Round-up
​The fall season has started for Adult and Rec Leagues. Adult league is closed, and there is limited time and space left in the Rec League, but you can still register for the next season and pick-up. All skaters at Pickup should be members of MIHA or there is a $5 charge per night. The new online registration process will require you to provide a valid AAU number on the first page of the process. The club code for MIHA is WWDB5W​. Please use this code then registering on the AAU website.

Volunteers Still Needed
MIHA is also seeking new volunteers for Public Skate nights. The organization is run completely by volunteers and without people like the current volunteers there is no MIHA. If you are interested, or can help volunteer for one night a month, please contact to provide your information and availability to help. A big thank you go out to all the current volunteers, but they cannot do it alone, and would appreciate your help.

Players are required to register with Maui Inline Hockey Association. Registration is available from the links above. The yearly dues for players are $165 per year for Adults and $50 per season (two seasons per year) for youth players.

Maui Inline Hockey Association is affiliated with the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) for insurance coverage for players, coaches and referees. All Youth & Adult players, coaches & referees must register with AAU before participating in games or practices. AAU coverage runs concurrent with the MIHA year and starts September 1 and ends on August 31. Any yearly dues that are paid will cover this time frame each year. 

During the AAU online registration you will be asked to provide the “Club Code”. The club code for Maui Inline for September 2016- August 2019 is: WWDB5W.

Please follow the link and register today prior to submitting your MIHA form.

We are always looking for people willing to ref games in the youth divisions. If you are interested, please contact for more information.  

Maui Inline Hockey is primarily run through money raised during the Public Skate hours. It is during this time that the rental skates and concessions are sold to raise money for the upkeep of the rink. MIHA is constantly in need of volunteers to operate the rink during the Public Skate hours. Please contact MIHA for information regarding volunteering for MIHA.